It is crucial to allow your kids to dream, innovate and materialize their ideas in physical form, and kids just love making things out of cardboard. Whether is it cars, swords, shields, or even a barbie’s playhouse. However, letting your kids to do the cardboard cutting with standard cutter or knife is unlikely a good idea, especially when kids are not really aware how to protect themselves from the sharp blade while busy with their cutting on the cardboard.

Box Bug is a cardboard cutter that takes the kids into the mind, allowing kids to safely cut cardboard in any shape they wish to have. Rather than dealing with sharp edges of cutter or knife, this Box Bug come in a handy, bug half rounded shape of clear plastic body with plastic wheels that turn two round metal baldes as you glide over the cardboard.



Box Bug Cardboard cutter has a small space at the bottom, enough space for slipping the cardboard underneath while cutting, but not large enough for your kids’ fingers to get in, this way, Box Bug will help to keep your child’s fingers safe from injury. Moreover, Box Bug eject a thin strip of cutted cardboard out from a hole located at the top cavity, leaving extra material for rope or garnish for a child creation.

[ Source: Quirky ]