BRD-U8DM is an external Blu-ray drive, while DVR-U24DM is an external DVD burner. Both BRD-U8DM and DVR-U24DM are optical drives that will be released by I-O Data in Japan in this coming June.


The idea is to get user a copy of digital copy from protected Blu-ray Discs and DVDs for home networks using the DTCP-IP technology. You will be able to share digital content, including cable broadcast and TV shows through external hard drives or recorded the show into Blu-ray Discs or DVDs securely between relevant electronic devices your home network.


  • BRD-U8DM = JPY23,000.- [ Approx. USD281.- ]
  • DVR-U24DM = JPY12,000.- [ Approx. USD146.- ]

[ Source: I-O Data ]