Agility Saietta is a new electric motorcycle designed and manufactured in Britain. The designer, Lawrence Marazzi has designed Agility Saietta electric motorcycle with hossack-inspired front end, eye-popping fairing design and a fabulous degree of mass centralization that would only be achieved with battery cells.

Eco-friendly commuter to compete with China? In recent years, electric motorcycles has become a common phenomena as petrol-powered scooters in places like Shanghai, where, motorcycles are viewed as affordable means of transportation. According to Agility’s Lawrence Marazzi point of views, the future of automotive industry is small and stagnant when being viewed against the tremendous circulation volume of consumer electronics.


More companies will be pushed toward developing a more affordable, longer-lasting, higher energy efficient and smaller dimension battery cells that will soon push slimmer shape of EVs into the market.

Agility Saietta is designed in two models, the first model comes with approximately 50-mile range (about 80.5km), while the second model offers a 100-mile range (about 161 km) of travelling distance.


For horsepower, Agility Saietta will be able to reach 60mph (96.5km/h) in a mere 4 seconds, roughly the same as a midrange powered motorcycles. Like all electrics, there doesn’t have to be a power curve in the way that we’re used to with petrol bikes. So when a user decides to select a setting that enables full power from a standing start, it’s very easy to flip the Saietta and land on your backside, as one test-rider found out early on in the process.

Agility Saietta is now in prototype production stage, however, if everything proceed smoothly, Agility Saietta electric motorbicycles will be ready for initial customer deliveries as soon as April 2011, test riding should be available sooner in the UK.


  • 50-mile model = USD16,200.-
  • 100-mile model = USD22,650.-

[ Source: Gizmag ; Agility Saietta ]