If you saw the Bruce Lee movies before, you must know that Bruce Lee was in fact the first Hollywood Kung Fu Star that using “HIAAAaaaa…………AAAAaaaaaa” legendary long sound and nose touching style on any of his kungfu action movies. 🙂


And until now, although he has passed away so many years, both Western and Eastern fans are still quite familiar with the shape of this legendary icon.




You can now get one of the figurines of the legendary Kung Fu icon with his most popular stances and action styles of holding Nunchucks, sticks, or his drool-worthy bare-body stance model.

Pictures are courtesy of Tomo.Moko at flickr. There are few who have not been left spellbound by Bruce Lee’s feats. Flaunt your love for Kung Fu and for Bruce Lee by adoring your display case with one of these figurines on nearest doll outlets over the United States.