An eco-friendly, child safe baby bed, that’s the Bubble Baby concept design by Lana Agiyan, that suggests a vacuum thermoformed, blow molded acrylic material, liquid polymer containing nano-titanium dioxide coating treatment for the baby bed, it holds up to a 15-kilogram (33-lb) transparent plexiglass comes in a half sphere or a rounded bowl shape.

The transparent baby bed would upright to its weight center again whenever being shake up to a 17 degree angle, creating the neat spring free baby bed for silent operation. The concept itself is deeply inspired by a tumbler toy called Nevalyashka, that comes with a weight center as the standing point, enabling auto upright whenever being shacked or touch.


Lana Agiyan’s Bubble Baby bed has a layer of buckwheet hulls that promotes natural antibacterial, hypoallergenic, anti fungal, breathable, odor resistant as well as better insulation for the bed that prone to baby’s poops and urine.

The impression of as if letting your baby sleeping on a cloud within the acrylic bubble, aloowing anxious parents to watch their child’s every move from the comfort of their bed. Shacking the bed could be done by simple touch or a bit of push on the lid of the bed, and whenever the baby moves, it will automatically begin to swing quietly to get your precious one back to sleep.


In short, it is more like an energy efficient, ‘green’ type of baby bed with a motion detection to trigger the auto swinging feature. The Estonian-based firm’s nanoformula, is claimed to improve optical transparency and to ionize the bed, making it self-cleaning and odor-eliminating. The Titanium Dioxide nanoparticles is useful to allow the bed to degrade dirt as well as air pollution whenever exposed to sunlight, the special coating will heal any potential germ-harboring scratches in the bed, making it safer for the little angel.


The Bubble Baby bed concept is designed for newborn to five months old babies, currently, this Bubble Baby bed concept is being developed with an Indian furniture firm for production pretty soon. Unfortunately, no word about global availability and pricing yet.

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[ Source: Gizmag ; Lana Agiyan ]