Have you been pondering that a shock proof hard drive ever exist on the market today? Buffallo ShockProof Harddisk surely give you an answer to all your mobility need!


With all the important data you carry on your HDD for mobility need, the ultimate concern always lies on the question whether your data would be shock proof in case of fall.


The Buffallo ShockProof  HD-PXU2 HDD has now provide 16 (4×4) angles of shock absorber guard for your hard drive to leave you with peace of mind wherever you go.

Buffallo HD-PXU2 HDD now available in 250, 320 and 500GB sizes and three different colors of black, white and red.


The integrated Fast forward “Turbo USB chip” would enable you to transfer data in a speedy manner, taking out the pressure of slow data transfer whenever you are in a rush for meeting or travelling.


According to Buffallo official website, the usb turbo feature could save up to 77% of transfer time.

And the Smart power-saving software could automatically stop the rotation of the disk after usage in a certain amount of time with the PC “eco manager” feature. No more waste of your laptop batteries again!



250GB : JPY11,500.-
320GB : JPY12,500.-
500GB : JPY17,800.-

[ Source: Buffallo ; Techfresh ]