A crazy and fancy as it sounds, the Butt Sensing Seat is invented to recognize a driver’s butt pressure and other information for extra security precautionary measure. The smart car seat basically is designed with a 360 pressure sensors system that get the idea who set on top of the seat.

Probably it was inspired by the Transformers’ Bumblebee, that could recognize if an annoying lady sitting at the front seat and eject some oil onto her face, but we believe, the Butt Sensing Seat is design to offer security sense for the car owner or user that quickly identify any potential car theft trying to drive away the car in the parking space.


An invention by Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology located in Tokyo, the smart Butt Sensing Seat is claimed to reach 98% recognition success rate, where the data gets sent back to a laptop computer to further analyzed specific butt allowed for seating on the driver seat.

I think the time will soon come when those smart seat will eventually eject driver and passengers out from the sport car in case of terrible crash identified in a fraction of time.

[ Source: Geekosysytem ]