New owners of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for both the 7.0 and 10.1-inches models will be lucky enough to get additional 50GB of free cloud storage from Dropbox for the first year of purchase! But after one year, there is only 2GB of storage space remaining for any free account or a 25 times shrinkage to first year’s free cloud storage capacity.

However, for those Galaxy Tab users that satisfy with the free 2GB storage for the running second year, you will be able to get additional 3GB storage on the third year as a loyal user. Should you think that it is safer to store your important files on the cloud storage is better, Dropbox will offer you upgrade options for special pricing.


2GB in the second running year and 5GB for the third year should be more than enough for storing those ‘must read’ ebooks for the running year, don’t you agree? But if economy has been a big issue for you on the second and third running year, there is not reason to keep changing your tablet within the upcoming three years, don’t you agree?

[ Source: Dropbox ; Samsung Galaxy Tab ]