One of the market champion for 55-inch LED-backlit 1080p LCD TV category is Samsung’s UN55C8000. Designed with superb 240Hz refresh rate, you will notice how innovative the UN55C8000 handles the image quality exceptionally smooth without consuming much energy. With the 55-inch screen size, Samsung UN55C8000 uses only 84 watts per hour.

The Series 8 line of Samsung 1080p LCD TVs also support 3D content, as well as offering terrific images, solid audio and support for multimedia playback and superb connected-TV features.

Accompanied with a 67-page printed manual (bound together with French and Spanish versions), Samsung provides a serviceable setup sheet and both of which are available for download online.


Pose for high-end 3D HDTV, Samsung UN55C8000 cost more expensive than average HDTVs in similar screen size, but at the end, you will find that UN55C8000 is capable to deliver pretty much best of best of everything for current high-end HDTV.

You might find small motion artifacts in the Blu-ray disc clips for the Dark Knight and some slight shadows in a panning test, but overall, users remarks UN55C8000 to be of great colour, beautiful detail and awesome.

More detail of Samsung UN55C8000 Series 8 LCD TV with LED backlight could be found on our previous post, here.

The 0.9-inch thick Samsung UN55C8000 Series 8 LCD HDTV also support Skype VoIP call, users could download the setup guide for Skype and manually  explores the set’s many functions in depth, but would have benefited from more illustrations.

Aside from all wonderful features and capabilities, Samsung UN55C8000’s coaxial adapter cable was helpful for eliminating the contortions required for connecting the conventional coaxial port in some set, the end of the adapter cable could easily slid onto its input on the set in a matter of seconds.


There are also 2x 15Watt speakers that offer robust audio experience through the thin device, even with the absence of a subwoofer made for somewhat anemic bass tones.

You will find  four HDMI (all in the rear side of the unit), 1x component, 1x PC input (D-Sub), 1x composite, PC and DVI audio inputs and optical digital and headphone outputs.

User could enjoy a neat feature that allow to store login credentials for multiple services in several profiles for different users in a single household. In plain words, you will be able to get into your Facebook, YouTube or other accounts, by simply logging in to your profile on the set.


Looks cool for a 55-inch slim LCD HDTV, isn’t it?

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[ Source: Samsung ]