Sometimes, we have to admit that making one amazing application is not a piece of cake, but instead it needs a brilliant mind and excellent creativity level to accomplish one single project. One of the brilliant promotion carried out by Nokia for its new Nokia N8 Symbian^3 smartphones is the world largest cinema screen that play movie from the N8 handset.

Nokia seems to understand very well the importance of idea brainstorming and outsourcing as crucial factors for breaking the stagnancy of the mobile phone’s application market, and thus generating limitless ideas for future reference. nokia-N8-playing-movie-on-largest-Cinema-Screen Nokia is now holding a developer contest called “Calling All Innovators“, to challenge developers worldwide to create new applications and games for the new Nokia N8 Symbian^3 smartphone and future Nokia devices for consumers in both United States and Canada. Nokia-N8-landscape-mode What about the Reward? For those qualify for their mobile applications or games, Nokia is preparing a generous USD10 Millions in term of cash, devices and marketing prizes for the winner. Nokia-N8-Symbian^3-smartphone Hence, if you excel in developing mobile phones’ games or applications, Nokia encourage you to take a look into the Calling All Innovators‘ contest. Interested applicant could  join the event by building applications and games for the Nokia N8 in three ways:

  1. Native application developers: Nokia Qt SDK – the new way to build powerful native apps for Symbian^3, Maemo, and in the future, MeeGo;
  2. Web developers: Nokia Web Runtime , including Adobe Flash Lite 4.0;
  3. Java developers: Java Runtime which comes with every Nokia device, is the most widely available  environment for mobile devices. Java allows you to reach not only N8 and Symbian^3 consumers, but also the high-volume Nokia Series 40 line of mobile phones easily and quickly.

There are 11 categories for applications and 6 categories for games, more info from Nokia Forum and the complete tools to develop the applications could be downloaded from the tools page here. Now, it is your time to take advantage of Nokia’s global Ovi Stores! Reach world’s largest application-purchasing mobile consumers community. Do you believe that you might become the next millionaire for mobile applications? Wish you all the best!!

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