You might have seen this in the past, but here is the commercial version for the dancing desktop fake jellyfish that swim around the small aquarium. The dimension is 7x10x4.5-inches, with three 3-inch long jellyfish inside, there are 6 bright color LEDs that blend softly from one color to the next or stop on your favorite color.

The Dancing Desktop Jellies offers a soothing and calm the nerves atmosphere for the viewers. It is advisable to have a corresponding surrounding light inside the room for better result.


If the out of the sea living pressure give you too much pressure, you could always try to turn to the deep in the ocean environment by viewing this calmly swimming jellyfish on the small size aquarium. If you found troubles getting your jellies to swim properly inside the tank, you could add a few drops of liquid dish soap base on the using instruction, you will witness the magic happen.

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