Funny name is addressed for following unconventional tabletop clock, Can You Imagine Time Machine Tabletop Clock is not really the coolest desktop clock out there, but it is fun to watch how the mechanism transfer a chrome ball every sixty seconds for allowing viewer get the idea of what time right now.

Can You Imagine Time Machine Tabletop clock has custom acrylic display case with stylish design, it should become center of gravity for any eyes that enter your office room and will enjoy watching how this clock counting the time.


You will need 4 “C” batteries, which is not included inside the package on the purchase, the clock itself has a dimension of 10 x 6-inches, and 8-inches high. Alternatively, you could power this clock using the bundled 6V AC adapter, which is also not included upon purchase.

Let’s roll the video to see how this clock work…

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