You will never know when you need a knife, don’t you? If you are a frequent flyer, negotiator or a secret agent that dealing with lot of risky thing, there is always chances that one day, you should have a knife in your wallet.
Iain-Sinclair-CardSharp-extreme-light-and-slim-utility-knifeIan Sinclair’s latest CardSharp is a Credit Card Shape, Folding, ultra-thin, extreme light knife that could fold up to a Credit Card size to fit in your wallet.

Ian Sinclair’s latest CardSharp Folding Security Knife is made of stainless steel, has a thickness of .078, weighing a mere 13 grams, and has a three inch blade perfect for cutting rope, or for self protection in case you are kidnapped, being tied down with your hand at the back, you could reach for your wallet and get the knife out by cutting off the rope.

You could choose from the Teflon coated or the pure stainless steel design, pre-order is now open for March, 2011 shipment. Ian Sinclair promises on schedule shipment, if you have confirmed for the deposit and till end of March next year no sign of shipment, you are eligible to request for a full deposit refund.

Pre-order Deposit = GBP7.50 [ Total Price: GBP15.- ]

[ Source: Geek ; Ian Sinclair ]