In some occasions, you might need a ruler to measure something, but it is hard to find one when you are far away from a stationery store or while outside on your journey.

Cardstick decals are new type of stick to your cards measurement gadget that come in a set of 3 and available in three options of clear, white and yellow vinyl sticker. Consists of centimeter and inch measure on each side of the card.


You could stick it simply on any cards in your wallet from your debit to debit cards, even though the creator confirmed that is it safe to stick the vinyl sticker on you ATM cards, it doesn’t  guarantee that it might, in a rare occasion, the vinyl sticker might worn out and resulting in making your card stuck inside the ATM machines.

The point is, making use of those cards that needn’t have to enter any machines, library, yoga class, or perhaps shopping malls’ membership cards, you get the idea. Simply make sure stick it on a usable place for convenient of usage.

Price: USD3.99

[ Source: The Cardstick ]