forget bring your razor again? There is a simple solution that should fit well on most traveler budget as well as pocket space. The latest Carzor from Infmetry offers a compact, card shaped Razor and a ‘U’ shape mirror for cutting the grass out of the field. 😉

Carzor-Card Shaped Razor & Mirro4

Since it is essential for executives or business people that has tight schedule to keep their appearance as neat as possible, the Infmetry’s Carzor will help to solve all your worries and headache of forget to shave every morning.

Carzor-Card Shaped Razor & Mirro2

Priced at $12 per card, Carzor is definitely one simple solution for those busy men. When not in use, you could also stowe the razor blades on the rear side of the mirror to prevent accidental cut on your fingers when searching something inside your wallet.

Carzor-Card Shaped Razor & Mirror5

Furthermore, the ‘scent strips’ with three different aroma including sandal, ocean or lemon will help to freshen you up while you shave, for emergency, Carzor is one neat solution.

Carzor-Card Shaped Razor & Mirror3

Carzor-Card Shaped Razor & Mirror

Precautions: not recommended for those with sensitive skin that allergic to certain type of razor.

Special Price Offer: USD12.-

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