Another way to turn your iPad into a mounted display panel, Case In Point Store has three new solutions for iPad users to mount their iPad at the location of their choice using the Case Open, Case Close And Case Close Cabinet.

1. Case Open


Case Open is a transparent case designed to provide versatility of usage on practically most of flat surface. Ideal for hallways, offices, gyms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms, you could bring your favorite music, shows, apps or photos with you as you move through your day around the house.

2. Case Closed


Suggested as an effective way to deliver information to benefit your businesses’ visitors or customers, Case Closed is designed with black colored frame for a more focus viewing ideal for waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, convention displays, dental and educational enviroments.


Case Closed is designed with anti-theft mounting consideration that allow you to share information to general public securely while maintain the flexibility of removing the mounted device regularly for charging or other security precautionary measures.

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3. Case Closed Cabinet


Images Credit: Credit In Point

A high tech yet cost effective solution that allow businesses to share credential information with a potential customers while offering better viewing angle is the Case Closed Cabinet.

Looks great when mounted alone or in a row of multiple cases/devices and can be mounted to suit either sit down or standing spaces.

Need a high-tech yet cost effective way to get your information directly into a potential customers hands without worrying about theft and unnecessary work?

The Case Closed Cabinet offers all of the features and versatillity of the Case Closed model bu tis mounted to a solid cabinet that provides a better viewing angle of the device for when installtions require it.

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[ Source: Case In Point – iPad Mount ]