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Chill Baby Lil’ Shaver Pacifier: Adding The Mustache To Your Adorable One!

We always found that adults enjoy looking at cute or adorable babies, but following Chill Baby Lil’ Shaver pacifier is one of the kind that will tickle your smiling nerves more than other. We just can’t help with the innocence face of the baby that looks so calm and cool while sucking the mustache pacifier. […]

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Cuddly Owl Blanket: Adorable Multitasking Gadget

A furry blanket with adorable owl design, this Cuddly Owl Blanket has a soft, round and big round eyes embroidered, where he could be a blanket, pillow or as a cute stuffed toy. Boys and girls would love to having him with them, especially during a plane trips, road trips or camping. The Cuddly Owl […]

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Bubble Baby Bed Concept: Liquid Polymer Nano Titanium Dioxide Coating

An eco-friendly, child safe baby bed, that’s the Bubble Baby concept design by Lana Agiyan, that suggests a vacuum thermoformed, blow molded acrylic material, liquid polymer containing nano-titanium dioxide coating treatment for the baby bed, it holds up to a 15-kilogram (33-lb) transparent plexiglass comes in a half sphere or a rounded bowl shape. The […]

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Cocoon Pillow Concept: Protecting Your Baby, An Idea By Elodie Delassus

A concept that will be useful for babies that sensitive to dirt and noise. The Cocoon Pillow is an idea by Elodie Delassus, a curved soft pillow for gently putting your babie’s head onto the bed while making sure extra protection from dirt and noise. Making sure that your precious angel is safe with the […]

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Origami Stroller: Auto Rise Up And Flip Down Feature, With Child Safety Sensor

Nope, following is definitely not a Bob Strollers, instead, Origami Stroller is the Rolls-Royce class of baby stroller that capable to rise up and flip itself down automatically, no more headache for spending your fifteen precious minutes simply for erecting a baby stroller aftern taken it out from the trunk. Tagged with a price of […]

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Star Trek Enterprise Light Up Feeding System: Go For The Rescue Of Naughty Hungry Babies!

As far as the Star Trek Enterprise mission goes, this one is probably the weirdest, funniest ever. The Star Trek Enterprise Light Up Feeding System is designed for pleasing baby that has busy hands while eating and interest for blinking lights. Introducing the Star Trek Light-Up Feeding System, it comes with starship spoon and motion […]

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QuickSmart Collapsible Stroller: With A Backpack For Ease Of Carrying

QuickSmart, an Australian company has created a collapsible stroller that fits neatly into a backpack, yeah, it is in a backpack! Parents with baby will love the idea of getting the less than 9lbs collapsible QuickSmart stroller, for mobile convenience or simply those looking for ease of storing a stroller. Don’t let the compact looking backpack […]

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Reborn Babies: Deborah King’s Reborn Art

They are realistic, life-like babies dolls that were designed to ease the pain of grieving women mourning for their lost infant or children due to unexpected accidents or other causes. The ‘Reborn Babies’ come with realistic looks of mohair, veins, nails, eyelashes and touch of saliva at the corner of the mouth. Over 5 years […]

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BARE: Ultimate Milk Feeding Tool

In order to better serve the baby market, some researchers have taken initiative to create a revolutionary baby bottles that mimic a mother’s breast. BARE baby bottle concept hold two patented technologies developed by Diaz, which is the air-free storage for the milk and the Perfe-latch that design to mimic the shape and softness of […]

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So Truly Real Personalized Realistic Baby Doll: A Lifelike Realistic Baby Doll


You are not going to believe that a lifelike baby doll would look so cute after all! The So Truly Real Personalized Realistic Baby Doll Baby Mine Personalized Lifelike Baby Doll is designed with vinyl skin with customizable gender and hair color. Bonnie Chyle is the designer behind the So Truly Real Personalized Realistic Baby […]

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Laugh & Learn Baby iCan Play Case: Transform Your iPhone Into A Baby Toy!


Laugh & Learn Baby iCan Play Case is a gadget that will transform your Apple iPhone or iPod into a childproof toy! The case design will let you protect your baby as well as your iPhone or iPod from your baby’s dribbles, dirty hands or drool. Simply insert your iPhone or iPod into the case, […]

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SWE-3030: Samsung BabyView Monitoring System


Functioning like a two-way cam, Samsung Techwin America has announced their latest monitoring gadget called Samsung BabyView. Coded SEW-3030, Samsung BabyView is designed to provide portable, wireless security monitoring system to ensure your little one is safe and comfortable. Samsung BabyView SEW-3030 offers a full line of solutions to monitor your baby including the perfect, […]

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