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Tablet Keyboard For iPad: Logitech’s Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Latest iPad Stand released by Logitech is the Tablet Keyboard for iPad. Powered by 4x AAA batteries, Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad is designed with bluetooth connectivity, chiclet-style keys similar to those on high-end laptop. You will find at top row area several keys that double as playback/number keys, and included is a carrying case […]

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Creative ZEN M300: Compact MP3 Player With Digital Voice Recorder

Creative has a new music gadget called ZEN M300, a compact, square shape digital music player that recognizes MP3, WMA, Audibel Format 4 and AAX music files. Creative ZEN M300 has touchscreen display, and could be connected easily to your computer using using a USB cable for copying music files. Largest storage supports up to […]

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TK-FBP028E: Elecom Portable, Compact And Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

TK-FBP028E is a portable, compact and foldable Bluetooth keyboard unveiled by Elecom. The TK-FBP028E Bluetooth keyboard comes with 70 keys, and offers volume adjustment for iDevices and music control on the special function keys. Elecom TK-FBP028E foldable bluetooth keyboard available in white and black color options, it comes with a dimension of 162×102.9×19.2mm in in the […]

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Creative ZEN Style M300: Portable Media Player, 1.45 Inch TFT Display, FM Radio

Creative has unveiled the new portable media player dubbed ZEN Style M300. ZEN Style M300 portable media player comes with a square dimension of 55mmx44mmx12mm and equipped with Bluetooth for wireless audio playback. You could also hook up Creative’s ZEN Style M300 portable media player to your Bluetooth smartphone similar to the wireless bluetooth headset […]

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itablet: Wireless Bluetooth Thumb Keyboard

itablet has a bluetooth device that offers convenience of a wireless thumb keyboard. itablet bluetooth keyboard comes with a size smaller than regular  keyboard and could be used simply by holding with both of your hands similar to a gamepad. If thumb typing is nothing new to you, and touchscreen operation is rather boring for your […]

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Ringbow Concept: Navigating Touchscreen Devices Without Touching One!

How far has the touchscreen technology go? The new level of interaction with touchscreen technology will be no-touch, Ringbow concept designed by Israel’s Efrat Barit and Saar Shari. Both of the designer confidence that the Ringbow concept will significantly enhanced the functionality of the touch-enabled devices, including smartphones, tablets, all-in-one desktop pcs, e-Readers, laptops or […]

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400-SP017: Sanwa Bluetooth Speaker

A bluetooth 2.0+ EDR compliance speaker for car released by Sanwa is dubbed 400-SP017. Sanwa 400-SP017 comes with built-in microphone and a ‘talk’ button, and supports various AVRCP, HFP, HSP and A2DP and offers up to 10-meter wireless range. Sanwa 400-SP017 comes with two-inch speaker that provide 8Ω impedance, a dimension of 73x193x41mm (WxDxH), 380g and […]

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VIZIO XVTHB100 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

A bluetooth base wireless headphone that offers up to 9 hours of talk time with its rechargeable battery.Vizio XVTHB100 is a high performance, over the ear with built-in microphone for voice input.   comes with a lightweight design, 30mm neodymium drivers, SRS WOW HD Audio processing, USB port and 3.5mm stereo jack. You could get […]

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Jabra Freeway HD Voice Technology: A Handsfree Bluetooth Speakerphone For Your Car

Jabra Freeway is a handsfree 3 speakers Bluetooth speakerphone that offers rich and crisp virtual surround sound for usage in your car. You will be able to make and get incoming calls completely hands-free using your voice command. Moreover, for any incoming calls to your smartphones, Jabra Freeway will announce the name of the caller. […]

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HM1610, HM3600 and Modus 6450: Samsung Bluetooth Headsets – 6 Hours Or More Talk Time!


HM1610, HM3600 and Modus 6450 are three new bluetooth headsets introduced by Samsung Telecommunications America. If you are looking for quality bluetooth headset, hours of talk time and long standby time, following Samsung HM1610, the Samsung HM3600 and the Samsung Modus 6450 are three new upcoming bluetooth headset options that you might want to take […]

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BeeWi: Tiny Mini Cooper Toy Car – Bluetooth Controlled For Android And Symbian Base Smartphones


BeeWi is a Mini Cooper toy car that could be controlled using iPhone, the difference will be, BeeWii’s Mini Cooper is working on Android base smartphones that comes with bluetooth and touchscreen features. A super fast motor with full-directional steering? Let’s roll the video for more info… You will need to get 3 AA batteries […]

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Stealth: iASUS Concepts – Bluetooth Throat Mic


iASUS Concepts has introduced new throat microphone dubbed the Stealth. Not much info being revealed at the official site at this moment, but it is designed to help professionals or expertise such as military or force enforcement organizations, including secret agents using their throat vibration. The Stealth throat mic system will allow users to transmit […]

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