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G50 Vanguard Concept: Damien Crossnan – Idea About Hand On The Mouse


Damien Crossan has a neat concept about how future mouse should take its shape. The G50 Vanguard mouse concept is designed to prevent RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury because of overwhelmed pressure on users’ palm due to long hours of using mouse. Ergonomic, as it claims, G50 Vanguard also has aesthetically shape that will attract […]

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Road Mice Optical Mouse: Smooth Lines, Realistic Details And Working LED Headlights!


Designed for car enthusiasts, following Road Mice are optical mouse in various car shapes with smooth lines, realistic details and working LED headlights! The hood is split in two segments with scroll wheel in the middle, and each mouse has a unique VIN number for owners to register their car at the Road Mice’s official […]

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Cyborg R.A.T 7 PC Gaming Mouse – Adjustable Mouse Length


Cyborg R.A.T. 7 is a PC base gaming mouse designed to fit the needs of professional gamers with three interchangeable palm rest. Cyborg R.A.T 7 gaming mouse is designed with 5600 dpi twin-eye laser sensor for more accuracy of reading and pinpoint the X and Y axis up to 6 meters per second. Weighing a […]

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MA-WPR2: Sanwa Wireless Gyroscope Mouse – New Style Of Presentating


The new wireless mouse from Sanwa, MA-WPR2 is designed and equipped with gyroscope, laser pointer and zoom capabilities. For navigation, simply wave or tilt the Sanwa MA-WPR2 Wireless Stick Mouse, a method pretty similar in using your Wii remote.

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Mogo Mouse: Portable, Sleek, Wireless, Bluetooth And A PC Card Slot


Powered by thin Li-Poly batteries, Mogo Mouse is the type of sleek, portable and wireless bluetooth mouse for your mobile need. The device is rechargeable using either PCMCIA or Express card slot in your laptop, adding more convenience to your mobility. Simply slip in the Mogo Mouse to your laptop’s PCMCIA slot for recharging, in […]

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Mouseless: The Invisible Mouse Technology – Infrared Laser Beam And Camera


Is the connection between invisible mouse with Tom & Jerry cartoon? Yes, the answer is ‘Mouseless’. 🙂 Mouseless is a visual technology capable of creating a sense of using invisible mouse for its users. The technology itself is a project by Pranav Mistry, an MIT Fluid Interfaces Group. The basic concept is to provide user […]

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BSMOW07: Buffalo Wireless Mouse For Japan Market


Dubbed BSMOW07, Buffalo’s latest wireless mouse released for Japan market comes with a 5-button design, 1600dpi resolution, tiny USB receiver and 2.4GHz radio frequency that has a working range up to 10 meters. Buffalo BSMOW07 works well on Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP as well as 2000 OS, no info if it will be working […]

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Magic MousePad – Fortrend Multitouch Touch Pad And Numeric Pad


Fortrend Magic MousePad is another neat product that introduces multi-touch technology into our daily lives. As the name indicate, it is basically a MousePad designed with a bunch of business functions such as touch pad and numeric pad functions. Comes with a mirror finish, Magic MousePad also designed with red and blue backlights. Whenever you […]

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Spectre: Razer Programmable Gaming Mouse – 1000Hz Ultrapolling High Speed Responsiveness


Razer Spectre is a programmable gaming mouse specially designed for StarCraft 2. You could configure the Razer Spectre mouse to suit the needs of your game play, and you could also define its LED light indicators to change colors and flash to alert you on different signals such as “low on resources” or “under attack” […]

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iMouse S100: Adesso Bluetooth Optical Mouse


Adesso iMouse S100 is a Bluetooth optical mouse suitable for those with laptops, notebooks or netbooks The iMouse S100 bluetooth mouse comes with dynamic resolution of 1000dpi, metal scroll wheel, two AAA batteries and auto-sleep function for battery saving. Adesso iMouse S100 Bluetooth mouse is designed to work at 2.4GHz frequency range. You could get […]

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Apple Magic Mouse: Seamless Multi-Touch Surface With Laser Tracking Technology


Remember the Apple Magic Mouse? If you have been looking a stylish, button-less mouse with multi-touch feature for your Macintosh or MacBook, Amazon is now offering special price for the multi-touch surface mouse. Laser-Tracking Engine The second selling point of Apple Magic Mouse is on its laser tracking technology that will be more sensitive and […]

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Lexon LD 89: Cordless Mouse – Karim Rashid


The mouse comes in four color options of rose pink, lime yellow , white, and black. The Rechargeable Cordless Mouse with Induction Base from Lexon Design comes in handy shape with a dimension of 11.8×6.5×4.6cm (1.34×2.56×1.81). Originally designed by a world famous furniture and appliance designer – Karim Rashid, this particular Rechargeable Cordless Mouse with Induction […]

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