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VGP-BMS20: Sony Bluetooth Laser Mouse


Sony VGP-BMS20 is the newest 2.4GHz radio frequency Bluetooth Laser Mouse will be released in Japanese market. The VGP-BMS20 Bluetooth Laser Mouse has a working range up to 10 meters, 800dpi resolution and available in pink, blue, green, white and black colors option. Sony VGP-BMS20 bluetooth laser mouse is compatible to Windows 7, Vista and […]

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Suma Mouse: 3D Navigating Concept – Cambridge Consultants


Cambridge Consultants’ designer is currently developing a cool mouse concept with 3D capability. The concept is called Suma Mouse. And in order to ease viewers for smooth 3D navigation. You will be able to click, zoom, pan and tilt for maneuvering and navigating around within the 3D display’s environment. Let’s roll the video for more […]

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Bluetooth Key Mouse – Portable Mouse With Hidden Numeric KeyPad


Designed by Sun Lihui, ‘Key Mouse’ concept has a hidden retractable numeric keypad under mouse’s palm rest. A compact and portable design to suit your laptop or netbooks, the Key Mouse comes with a bluetooth feature and in order to ease your number calculation, it has a numeric pad that resembles those ordinary keyboard’s. But […]

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SiTouch Wireless Keyboard With Laser Pointer And Touchpad – Mini Size


Palm size big ‘SiTouch’ mini wireless keyboard is designed to fit the wireless input solution for home and office. The backlit keys on the SiTouch will be beneficial if you are doing presentation in your corporate environment under dark or low light room condition. You could also find a laser pointer and touchpad incorporated into […]

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Toe Mouse Concept – For Upper Limb Disabled People


You might have know that many disabled people, especially those with upper limb disabilities group of people, are normally could not operate a computer with ease, especially when the issue is dealing with the mouse. And a precious idea has been transformed into a concept by a Chinese designer, Liu Yi. The concept is called […]

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FireGlider Black Edition Gaming Laser Mouse – Sharkoon


Sharkoon FireGlider Gaming Laser Mouse – Black Edition is using ADNS-6010 laser sensor, delivering up to 3600 DPI resolution. FireGlider Laser Mouse comes with six programmable buttons, weighing about 118~135grams. FireGlider Laser Mouse Black Edition an ergonomic design for convenient handling, special grip areas offering maximum hold and Teflon-feet to ensure smooth movements. FireGlider Black […]

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iS Touch Mouse – EKtouch Bluetooth Mouse For PC Users


Is you ever wonder is there any Bluetooth mouse? The answer is surely Yes! The problem with Bluetooth connection, as though the bluetooth cell phones, we presume is the potentiality of getting virus transfer in the public area. But what if you are using it for a home PC? Well, that would be a different […]

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Steampunk Computer Mouse


It was build from an ordinary computer mouse and usb and after brilliant art touches and hours of diligent labor of torturing the mouse, finally created a tank shape mouse with a usb flash drive that are coated with gold color surface. Not sure what project the creator trying to achieve, but from the translation […]

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Celluon evoMouse Pet – Intelligent Mouse That Will Detect Your Finger Movements


Celluon is a Korean company reknown for its laser key virtual keyboard. The new product they are offering is the Celluon evoMouse Pet.  It connects with any computer as long as there is a USB port or bluetooth connectivity. Despite laser key users would have known that typing using a projected virtual keyboard is not […]

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Logitech M950 And M905 – Mice That Works On Clear Glass And Glossy Surface


M950 and M905 are two Darkfield Laser Tracking technology mice. The device was released by Logitech Korea as premium wireless mouse category. You could use them on clear glass and high-gloss surfaces. M950 is positioned as ‘Performance Mouse’ while the M905 ‘Anywhere Mouse’ has compact size that let you bring it wherever you go or […]

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I-T Click Click 2.0 Mouse – Spanish Suvil


I-T Click Click 2.0 optical mouse is produced by Spanish company Suvil Technologies. And to add fresh feelings on the I-T Click Click 2.0 mouse, Suvil has designed the series to have the right click button as a side key and the scroll wheel on the right side of the mouse. And if it was […]

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A FourSomer Gadget – Mouse, Trackball Mouse, Numeric Keypad And USB Hub


Like to try a new way of mousing and numeric input? Following Four Somer device, a combo of mouse, trackball mouse, numeric pad and USB ports. It was named “Track Ball Mouse Numerical Keypad Hub”, I think this is a hard memorize branding for a product. Definitely not the coolest one, but it encourage more […]

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