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Active Media Products Aviator-2 : USB 3.0 External SSDs


Active Media Products new usb 3.0 storage line is called Aviator 2. It is solid state drives with 2 different storage capacities of 64GB and 128GB. Active Media also launched it external USB 3.0 enclosure. The Aviator-2 with 64GB capacity model has the reading and writing speeds of 230/160MBps, while the larger 128GB model has […]

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Aleratec HDD PortaCruiser : Portable Hard Drive Duplicator


Aleratec has introduced their neat gadgets called HDD PortaCruiser Portable Hard Drive Duplicator. Basically it is a 1:1 device with 2-line LCD monitor to enable users to easily clone or copy a 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch hard drives for backing up data. The weight of the Aleratec HDD PortaCruiser is 8 ounces. The Aleratec HDD PortaCruiser […]

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Samsung S2 – Golden Hue Portable 500GB HDD


This time Samsung come up with a golden hue “MJ’s silhouette” S2 external hard drive themed and pre-loaded with Michael Jackson’s “THIS IS IT” movie. A special external storage gadget designed for Michael Jackson fans. This 500GB external hard drive will be released on March 1, 2010.

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Buffalo HD-AV500U2: 500GB USB External HDD For Your Sony PS3 Console

sony-ps3-buffalo-external-usb-hard-drives- HD-AV500U2-and-HD-CL500U2

Microsoft and Sony is competing in storage solution for gamers on their own console segment. Not long after the released of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 250GB HDD storage last week, Sony also follow by launching their new 500GB external USB hard drives for Sony PS3 owners in Japan. Those 500GB HDD for PS3 console are from […]

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Microsoft XBOX 360 250GB Hard Drive – Launching In Japan By March


In order to create a circle of Xbox fans, Microsoft has recently introduced the XBOX 360 Hard Drive in Japan. It was designed specially for XBOX 360 gamers to store their games or media files. Microsoft will also offer the XBOX 360 Wireless Controller Game Pack and Xbox 360 Wireless LAN adapter N in Japan. […]

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Kingston DataTraveler 5000 – USB Flash Drives With ECC Algorithms 256-bit AES Encryption


New USB Flash Drives come with 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption from Kingston is called DataTraveler 5000. It uses high encryption algorithms that comply to Suite B standards approved by the U.S. government. The drives use FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified with Level 3 pending with XTS cipher mode and elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) algorithms.

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Seagate BlackArmor PS110 – USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive


BlackArmor PS110 is a new USB 3.0 portable hard drive from Seagate that offers significant reading and writing speed. Let’s watch the video… The BlackArmor PS110 USB 3.0 performance kit contains everything you need to upgrade your laptop to take advantage of USB 3.0 speeds. The new BlackArmor PS 110 USB 3.0 Performance kit is […]

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Kingston SSDNow V+ 512GB SSD – Support Windows 7 TRIM Feature


Kingston is introducing their new 2.5-inch SSDNow V+ with 512GB storage capacity. The SSDNow V+ support for the Windows 7 TRIM feature and offer the speed of read and write up to 230 and 180 Mb/s respectively. It uses SATA 3.0 Gbps interface with Mean Time Before Failure up to 1 million hours. SSDNow V+ […]

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600X Compact Flash Card – Active Media


Not long after the 400x CompactFlash Card from Silicon Power, now is Active Media turn to introduce their Pro Series 600X Type I CompactFlash memory cards. It offers 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage capacities. Based on MLC NAND Flash memory, the 600X CF offers up to 90MB/s read and 90MB/s write speeds. It was […]

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A-Data CH94 : Portable Hard Drives


CH94 is new line of portable hard drive released by A-Data. The drives have capacities ranging from 250GB to 640GB. These plug-and-play hard drives has a high-speed USB 2.0 interface, a wrap-around USB cable and come bundled with self-adhesive letter stickers for easy labeling.

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Silicon Power 128GB CompactFlash Card – World First 400X !


For CompactFlash card users, you would have probably notice the first 400x Silicon Power 128GB CompactFlash card. The device is using the ECC (Error Correction Code) technology to identify and correct errors automatically. Silicon Power’s 128GB CompactFlash Card comes with 128GB storage capacity and support up to 90MB/sec writing speed and also has PIO Mode-6 […]

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ClickFree C2N [ CES-2010 ]


Clickfree C2N was one of the network device shown on CES-2010 in Las Vegas. Clickfree C2N could backup files on computers connected to a local network, the backup process is simple and you need to do is connect the drive to the PC, Laptop or Mac that has a working network connection. The pre-loaded software […]

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