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OCZ Colossus Cascade Solid OCZSSD2 – 1TeraByte Storage Capacity


Finally, OCZ Colossus SSDs are launched in November for US market. The SSDs come in 120GB, 250GB, 500GB and 1TB capacities. The SSDs feature a SATA-II 3.0 Gbps interface, a 128MB of cache memory, dual controllers, a MTBF of 1.5 million hours, MLC NAND flash memory chips and and provide read/write speeds of up to […]

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Hitachi USB 2.0 External Hard Drive


This time Hitachi comes out with 2TB external hard drive called SimpleDrive. It uses turbo USB2.0 interface which faster up to 25% conventional USB2.0 interface. All models are compatible with both PCs and Mac platforms.

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SuperTalent Type I Compat Flash Cards – For DLSR Digital Camera


For those digital photographers, especially those using 450x, 533x and 600x Type I CF cards for their DLSR digital cameras, you could get the Super Talent CompactFlash compatible to your photography need. These Type I CF cards are based on MLC flash flash memory and are compliant with the CompactFlash 4.1 standard. Transfer speed is […]

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Falcon II Solid State Drive – SATA 3.0 Interface


New 2.5-inch SSDs products from G.Skill is the Falcon II. These solid state drives are available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB sizes. They are based on SATA 3.0 interface, Indilinx’s new ECO controller, a 64MB of cache memory and a TBF of 1.5 million hours and support Windows 7’s TRIM command. these 2.5-inch drives are […]

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Team Group 2.5″ SSD


They have 44 PIN IDE interface with 2.5-inch dimension, these are the new SSD (Solid State Drive) using MLC flash memory from Taiwanese company – Team Group. The SSDs are available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage capacities. These solid state drives were coded as S25IP2. The drives comes with reading speed at 80MB/s and […]

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Toshiba 1.8 Inch HDD – One Half Taller Than An AA Battery


It is a bit bigger than an AA battery. The new 1.8 inch hard drive from Toshiba has 16MB buffer, 3Gbps SATA interface and 19% more energy efficient than previous models. The storage capacity is 320GB with 5400rpm and being coded as MK3233GSG. An ideal device for notebook or PC applications that demand high storage […]

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Spend-And-Safe-Coin-Bank: Always Winning Slot Machine!


Have you ever think of saving some coins that are spendable, while some more coins for pure saving? Well, if you said you will need to buy two piggy banks, following Spend-and-Save coin bank is the one you would probably love to own, as the unpredictable pivoting tray will decide on its own, where the […]

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Iomega Ultramax 33904 – 500GB External Hard Drive


Mac lover, we have good news for you! Here is the Iomega UltraMax 500GB HDD, that would fit nicely to your Macs with its sleek silver color design. Amazon has released their new price for the 500GB model, decreasing to USD89.99 (plus shipment) from the original price of USD111.99.

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QNAP TS110 – High Performance With Low Memory Usage


This is another Storage Device from QNAP System. It support the 3.5-inch SATA HDD up to 2TB total capacity. The device Powered by Marvel 800MHz processor and 256MB DDR2 RAM. The NAS is Q-RAID 1 enable for high data redundancy. TS-110 has USB and e-SATA ports for external storage capacity, printer sharing, and DLNA support.

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Silicon Power A50 – Rugged External Hard Drives


A50 is rugged external hard drives from Silicon Power. These USB 2.0 hard drives are shock and drop proof, comply to US MIL-STD 810F standard. Other feature are the one touch backup button that will help you backup and sync your data automatically. The biggest capacity is 640GB, followed by 500GB, 320GB and the smallest […]

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C2 Backup Drive – 256 Bit Hardware Base Encryption


This is ClickFree new C2 Backup Drive. The drive has 256-bit hardware base encryption that comes in 250GB and 500GB model. Both are glossy and available in white or black. They look very much like a modern PMP, using blue LED lights to indicate its activity, a recessed USB cable tucked underneath the casing. The […]

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Buffalo USB3.0 External Hard Drive


Trataaaaa…. Here comes the new champion on the external hard drive segment, the first fast speed usb 3.0 external storage device from Buffalo. According to report by Engadget, Buffalo is ready to ship out the first USB 3.0 external HDD this month. For the outer casing, you might found Buffalo’s usb 3.0 external HDD has […]

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