Do you think there is way for you to read those memory cards on your iPad? The answer is yes, using Photojojo’s latest CF Card Reader or SD Card reader, you will be able to get the files, photos or videos stored on those memory cards directly to your iPad.

Since iPad in its latest version also not having any microSD or SD card slot, Photojojo’s CF Card and SD Card reader are two missing piece of the puzzle for professional photographers, journalists, or those carrying memory card modules everywhere they go.

Even though the LCD screen on iPad are not the best to review your shooting results, it would be much better rather than checking the results from the small lcd panel attafched on your DSLR, isn’t it?


As you may have noticed, iPad 2 does not have any USB port and microSD or SD card slot, two major weakness since Apple is trying to offer slim and lightweight tablet to the iPad users.


The CF Card and SD Card Readers work seamlessly on both iPad 1 and iPad 2, however you need to plug them into the tablet’s connector port. Once connected, the photos application on iPad will automatically activated and open by itself, you will be able to check for the files, photos or videos from your iPad.



  • CF Card Reader = USD30.-
  • SD Card Reader = USD15.-
  • Both = USD40.-

[ Source: Photojojo ]