Playing Roller Blades is not a new trend, any idea what is the coolest skates that will appear in the 2010? ChariotSkates is the neat skates combining the idea of bicycle, roller blades and a wheel chair.




ChariotSkates concept has recently won the “People’s Choice Award” on ABC’s New Inventors episode. The large wheels supports for the feet below the axles, meaning that the feet don’t go into restrictive boots. The idea is simply correlate the movement of the skates’ pedal, your skates boots and to the big and small wheels on each side of the player’s legs in order to achieve optimum balancing and skating speed.

The large wheels on both sides are meant to support player’s feet below the axles, your feet won’t go into restrictive boots. In this way, both player’s legs and feet are free to move more fluidly and naturally.


The big wheels let riders explore a wider variety of terrains, while the lower center of gravity makes the ride feel stable. Riders can stop with any of the time-tested braking techniques roller skaters and roller bladers have been using for decades, or simply reach down with gloved hands to slow the wheels’ spinning.

According to ChariotSkates‘ inventors claim, the knee-high large wheel and unique suspension of the feet feels motion more likely skiing than skating. You will get the fast and smooth movements while maintain the flexibility of motion as if riding a bicycle, only with two legs control rather than using your hand.

No info on release date and pricing yet, expect ChariotSkates going for a release sometime within the summer this year.