No kidding, but here is the cheapest notebook in the world up to date. Not a child play stuff, a real notebook that powered by a 300MHz VIA VT8500 processor.


It costs approx. USD73.- (RMB500.-), you would surprise if the notebook offers a 7-inch 800×480 resolution display with 128MB RAM, 1GB storage, has WiFi connectivity and a built in 1800mAH battery. The device preloaded with Windows Chinese Edition OS. With such a super low price, you should not expect much on the hardware specs.

A nickname of “Macbook Air-style netbook” targeted for overseas market. It was found in the market of the mainland China of clones. The device has a dimension of 23.5×16.5×28.4mm and weighs 700g.

If you are a writer and need a handy notebook, perhaps this is a look. However, if you are looking for image editor and layout capabilities, then Sungworld’s notebook would not be the one.

Price:  RMB500.- [approx. USD 73.- ]

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