Think of getting a pool table for your home but not enough space in your apartment? One good solution is getting the Chevillotte (Very) Table Pool Table that provide unique pool table that could easily convert into dining room table.

Designed using unique mechanical system, Home Leisure Direct’s Chevillotte (Very) Table comes with an external dimension of 233x138cm, while the pool area of 190x95cm, 20mm slate thickness, available in 7ft size only and 300kg in weight.



You could choose from a total of 22 color options from Simonis 760 high quality cloth for the pool table fitting. You will also find Chevillotte Carom Pocket Inserts and Aramith Premier Carom Balls and leather liner for overall clean and tidy impression.


For a small additional fee, you could motorise the conversion mechanism of the Chevillotte (Very) Table, making it easier and more convenience back-forth transforming of dual-function the table.


In the standard format, you will get a unique manual cranking system in order to transform the table into dining table or pool table mode. However, you will need to move three pieces of the top of the table, while the handle could be slotted into one end of the table.


Chevillotte (Very) Table is only four inches thick, owing to the innovative design, the tiny space is enough for the cushion rails, 16 Billiards balls and a slate. More info about the price after the jump…

Price: GBP12,497.-