Following cute robot has nothing to do with your Tweeter accounts! Strapya-World has a cute little twitter chicken robot that designed with the outlook of real life chick about 3~4 days old. The Chick twitters robot’s wings will move slightly every once in a while, and it does some of the movements a real chick may perform.


Taking the size of 65x95x60mm (WxLxH), this Chick robot comes with a model number 146-744778. The robot chicken need to get 3x LR44 batteries to run, best of all, you will have no worry about feeding the chick or clean its droppings.Only 8 units left in the stock!

cute-twitter-chicken-a-twitter-robot Price: JPY2,550.- [ Approx. USD30.80 ]

[ Source: Strapya-World ]