Few hours after we published the Aldebaran Robotics’ Nao Dancing Robot, we stumbled upon world’s first International Humanoid Robots Olympic Games that held in in China’s Harbin’s Institute of Technology on on 21 ~ 23 June 2010.


The first day contest on the humanoid robot Olympic games is to set the robot to run a distance of five meters in 20 seconds flat, you could check out the Olympic games’ condition from below video…

The criteria for a humanoid robot to enter the Olympic Games is having a height of 60cm, has a human shape, a head, two arms, body, and two legs. There are various competition on the humanoid robot Olympic Games, ranging from boxing, weight-lifting, dancing to sprint. Other unusual activities including cleaning or performing medical care.


China is the first country in the world that host such International scale humanoid robots Olympic Games event. Nineteen teams were came from various countries including China, United States, Japan, South Korea and Germany. They brought their best humanoid robots to compete in the unique Olympic event.

[ Source: Oddicity Central ; China Harbin Institute of Technology ]