CL-A2LAS is a unique hand-crank charger unveiled by Sony. Similar to Eton Hand Crank Radio and Eton Microlink FR-170 Emergency Radio, this Sony CL-A2LAS battery pack offers a 4,000mAh battery, 2x USB ports that allow you to recharge multitude of your mobile electronic devices.

From early this year, we see an increasing trend where gadget manufacturers are aware of potential market for emergency solution for electricity and power especially post disastrous time as we have witness from various earthquakes and Tsunamis on several countries during the last decade.


CL-A2LAS battery pack also allow users to stay away from the power grid while still able to get necessary power or electricity for keeping their mobile electronic devices alive. Sony has designed this CL-A2LAS battery pack with detachable crank that could be removed once the battery is charged.

For three minutes of manual hand cracking, you will be able to get one minute talk time using the battery power. Scheduled for release sometime within June this year, Sony CL-A2LAS will initially appears in Japan for a price tag of approximately USD100.

[ Source: Verge ]