A fascinatingly ultra-light, slim notebook coming this year end, ClamCase’s ClamBook is designed to fully support both iOS as well as Android 4.0 smartphone. There is a multi-touch trackpad (for ICS smartphones), large widescreen, a full-sized QWERTY keyboard with 14 function keys and supports for 3D cinema sound.

You will get Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity for seamless syncing, at the core, ClamCase’s ClamBook will be powered by your iPhone or Android smartphone, and you will gain access for playing games, watch movies or browse the web, doing some office work through your smartphone application.



On select Motorola smartphones, users will be able to run Motorola’s Webtop application and enjoy a mobile desktop experience with the firefox browser, a complete file manager and web app access. The MHL cabling technology is designed to power the ClamBook using your smarpthone, and also recharge your smartphone at the same time, you won’t have to worry about running out of power on your smartphone battery.



The hard protective shell offers longer durability, while the 360 degree patent pending hinge offers unique functionality. No further info about pricing, technical specifications and availability yet, will keep you update once the info available by year end this year.

[ Source: ClamCase – ClamBook ]