What is the connection between a keyboard and a dentist or a surgeon? Cleankeys have the answer! If you have been to a dentist or surgical room before, you would probably have notice that a place free of germ is the most important aspect of any surgical type of rooms.




And along with the advance of computer technologies, dentists and surgeons have been using computerized program to help them to diagnose or as surgery tool in the process. While conventional keyboard has bunch of key holes and places where germ could inhabitat in it, Cleankeys offer the world’s easiest to clean keyboard and of course it has touch-sensitive keys and germ-free property.

Cleankeys also has a built-in trackpad and numeric keypad besides the anty corrosive or staining chemicals. This Cleankeys keyboard also moisture sealed and splash resistant, but no wording this is something of waterproof!

The keys of the Cleankeys are printed on the underside of  the glass where specialized touch-capacitive circuitry detects the slightest touch of  a human finger – even when you are wearing gloves.

Key Features:

  • Size: 14.50” X 5.85” X 0.63” (368mm X 149mm X 16mm);
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs (1.48 kg);
  • Color: White with “Tranquil” Corian base (off-white);
  • Cable: 8 ft. (2.46m);
  • Interface: USB;
  • Power: 5V @ 400 mA;
  • Computer OS: Windows®, Mac, Linux, Unix;
  • Regulatory Approvals: FCC, CE;
  • Mount: Two 10-24 inserts, spaced 1.912” (48mm) RAM®-Mount 101 compatible;
  • Operating Environment: 14º F (-10º C) to 104º F (40º C);
  • Audio Settings: Off, low, medium, loud, very loud;
  • Sensitivity Settings: Off, low, medium, high;
  • Warranty: Two Years.

Price: USD399.-