CM100, an iPod Touch Control Mount, while CM2000 is an iPad Control Mount product released by iPort. Both CM100 and CM2000 are capable of transforming your iPod or iPad for a neat in-wall touchscreens displays.


CM100 could virtually transform iPod touch into an in-wall Internet radio source, and you could easily connects to any stereo or audio/video receiver. You could choose your Internet radio apps available in the App Store and play the audio back through any connected stereo system.


How about monitoring this morning weather, news and stocks or other applications from the convenient of your corridor’s walls? How about listening music simply by touching your bathroom’s wall?


iPort’s CM100 and CM2000 could be installed in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. The only thing is electricity, once installed, the in-wall mounted iPad or iPod touch will remain constantly charged, wonder why the manufacturer doesn’t equipped an on/off switch on the mounted frame? 😉


  • CM-IW100T (CM100) = USD250.-
  • CM-IW2000 (CM2000) = USD499.-

[ Source: NicollPR ; iPort Music ]