Designed by James Colemen, following levitating wifi speakers are neat concept featured over the Devianart. In this concept James Coleman is trying to blend and develop a new way for speakers to produce and induce sound into the air.


With my method of producing sound finalised, I started designing different speaker designs which used the levitating mechanism. I concentrated on the way the speakers would ‘deploy’ from their stored state, and the positioning of the different diaphragms which would keep the sound stereo.

The basic ideas are:

  1. An electromagnet in the base changes in strength.
  2. The electromagnet’s magnetic field induces a magnetic field in the superconductor in the diaphragm.
  3. The mutual repulsion of the magnetic fields cause the superconductor to levitate above the electromagnet.
  4. By varying the strength of the electromagnet, the strength of the magnetic fields change and the superconductor varies it’s height above the electromagnet. The faster the change in magnetic field, the faster the superconductor will move.
  5. By carefully changing the strength of the magnetic fields, the superconductor in the diaphragm causes the diaphragm to move and induce sound directly in the air.

This display is multi-touch and the user can change the volume, bass and treble of the speakers by swiping the display with one, two or three fingers respectively. The display can be customised to show information about the currently playing media, the time, graphic equaliser etc. As the base is round, the display can revolve around the base is visible regardless of the orientation of the speakers, which arguably have no orientation anyway.

Will this Coleman Levitator concept become reality?