Brief news from UberGizmo, OCZ has announced their upcoming OCZ Colossus 1TB SSD drive. The 1TB Solid State Disk will comes in 3.5-inch dimension, providing reading speed up to 250MB/s and writing speed up to 220MB/s.


With a name like Colossus and weighing a monstrous 400g you’ll no doubt be thinking that the drive might be a bit on the chunky size but its form factor is compact enough to fit into a standard 3.5in drive bay. Too big for laptops but perfect for your gaming PC. Its claimed read speeds of up to 250MB/s and write speeds of 220MB/s over a SATA2 interface will help make sure all that precious data is available in a flash.

Price: USD2,500.-

[ Source: TechFresh ; UberGizmo ; OCZ ]