I might not so cool when you first hear about crab powered computer, but his is unorthodox discovery by researchers at Kobe University lead by Yukio-Pegio Gunji. They had their ‘eureka’ moment to discover that whenever two swarms of crabs collide together, they will start to merge and continue in a direction which is the sum of their velocities.

This type of behavioral pattern could be further translated into a new ‘unorthodox’ means of computing model as a possibility. This way of computing possibility is based on colliding of billiard balls, where presence or absence of the swarm of crabs are represented by the 0s and 1s.


The new biologically motivated computing is claimed to have capability to further explain the limitation of the ‘OR’, ‘AND’, ‘NOT’ type of logic syntax to offer better logic description why in simulation of the two groups of crabs that merge together and given three paths option will react in behavioral tendency to move along by a looming shadow that resembles a predatory bird overhead.


Interestingly, the results closely matched the crab simulation, indicating the possibility for crab-powered computers indeed could become reality.

[ Source: NewScientist ]