Latest e-scooter concept unveiled by BMW Motorrad is the Concept e, an e-Scooter that offers premium, high performace twin-cylinder two wheeler that consumes 60 volt of power and offering 62 miles (100 kilometers) mileage.


Full recharge will take a flat three hours using a domestic power point, offering an equivalent torque of a 400-500cc commuter motorcycle. Even though BMW Motorrad brand only sold 110,000 two-wheelers last year, the Concept e is estimated to make new sales record in urban area that aware of green driving.



The premium Concept e Urban Mobility will be the first volume production two-wheeler without rear vision mirrors, a twin rear-facing video cameras will relay and inform driver about what is happening behind the vehicle into two LCD monitors located at the front cockpit area.


Given that the Japanese have done almost nothing to retain their once-dominant share of the electric two wheel market, it’s great that one of the established motorcycle brands is on the move.

[ Source: BMW Motorcycles ]