Built with color changing ring, Philips Living Colors Conic Cognac Special Edition is designed to lights up your world in any shade you choose, from soothing pastel shades to rich, intense colors. A simple touch on the colour ring will activate the lights, you could create and store 3 favourite lighting scenes to your room interior environment.

This Conic Cognac Special Edition comes with one touch easy to operate Smartlink remote control for selecting, controlling as well as programming to control multiple units of Philips’ lamp for enchanting color changing effect to your desire.

You could experiment with different lights effects and create the perfect color ambiance to suit the moment or mood at a particular moment whilst controlling the speed of the color change, color saturation, as well as the light intensity.


Ideal for event organizers as well as interior designers that seeking perfect lighting to create the ‘kind’ of atmosphere necessary for specific event or moment. Philips Living Colors Conic Cognac Special Edition 15W LED Lamp is built to offer 16 million colors including white automatic color changing mode for random color changing, you could create your own bespoke ambience at home or anywhere you wish through coloured light.

The product is packed in a beautifully packaged full colour gloss gift box with a dimension of 217x217x107-mm (LxWxH), weighing 1.5Kg. It is advisable to put this Conic Cognac Special Edition Lamp no further than 50cm away from wall for optimum result.


Depends on the environment demand, for home usage, you could use the 160cm cable for connecting to nearest power outlet in your room, but in case you need a portable lamp for organizing an event, you could always switch to the AAA batteries to solve the portability and power source issues.

Of course, this is not rechargeable LED lamp, but you will need to connect the 160cm cable to a power outlet for electricity. Inside the box you will find a silky bag to store your lamp away for protection.

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