While drawing a straight line has always been regarded as basic and elementary — actually making one was never really easy.

Both the gifted arts and design students and the ordinary students alike know fully well the struggle of having to create a single straight line — a straight line that shows no actual sign of the pressure one feels while in the process of creating it.


Engineering and architectural students, carpenters, as well as others involved in the construction industry are perhaps the ones most affected by all the inconveniences of having to draw such lines.

They are those who often find themselves in a predicament of having to draw a straight line while making sure that the tools being used for such are in their proper physical order at all times; all the while knowing fully well that the slightest movement in any of the instruments would lead to an enormous disaster.

Many who dare draw a decent straight line usually turn to flat, straight objects for guidance, while others heavily rely on measuring instruments such as rulers to make sure that they have in fact created straight lines.

But straight lines aren’t always needed as just plain straight lines — more often than not, these straight lines are required to come in specific measurements.

Luckily for everyone involved, a Korean designer by the name of Giha Woo cared enough to come up with the perfect solution.

Giha Woo’s solution to this age-old problem is exceptionally simple — so simple, in fact, that it now seems unbelievable that nothing of this nature has ever been invented sooner.


Giha’s solution to the problem? A constrained ball instrument.

The concept of Giha’s constrained ball instrument works very similarly to that of an ordinary compass’ mechanism.

It comprises of parts that work to restrict the writing instrument’s movement in such a way that only a perfectly straight line is drawn, as opposed to the perfect circle that using an ordinary compass would normally yield.

The constrained ball concept involves a small device that features a mounting area made out of flexible rubber material for the writing instrument.

It is through this area that the writing instrument of the user’s choice (pen, pencil, etc.) is attached to the device.

At the back of the product is a ‘measuring wheel’ designed to constrain the writing instrument’s movement in such a way that it can only go sideways — towards the left or the right — rendering a perfect straight line the only possible result in using the instrument.

The small and simple bended device can also be used to draw perfect vertical and 45-degree diagonal lines, making it an ideal companion for those whose professions or situations happen to require the execution of such arduous measuring tasks on a daily basis.

And yet the benefits that come with using Giha’s constrained ball instrument doesn’t end there.

The tiny drawing instrument also comes with a revolutionary measuring device that accurately measures the line drawn by the user in real-time as he draws it.

This incredible features allows the constrained ball instrument’s user to draw lines in the precise measure he so desires.

With this instrument handy, rulers may soon be no longer required.

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