Diginfo has recently unveiled an awesome bike riding robot invented by Masahiko Yamguchi. Directed using a remote controlled, the miniature size cycling robot is one cool thrill for robot industry.

Yamaguchi said, he is interested in artificial intelligentce, and he consider there is equality between skills and intelligence. The cycling robot is designed to prove that machine also able to obtain both intelligence and skills at the same time.



Demonstrated on local Japan’s science museum, the cycling robot has pint-sized rider pedal, its own feet and capable to maintain its balance by adjusting the tiny bicycle’s handlebars whenever needed.

Let’s roll the video to watch how the tiny robot ride the tiny bicycle as if a tiny human on a gigantic world.

The remote control has a SH7125 CPU core and incorporated a Tamagawa Seiki TAG201 gyro into the design. Meanwhile the PID or proportional integral derivative controller will assist the robot’s balancing action.

[ Source: Diginfo.tv ]