A unique, Bluetooth enabled accessory designed for both iOS as well as Android devices, even for in-car application. Exeterse’s CoolStream Bluetooth receiver also capable to stream your favorite music to your car speakers.

CoolStream wireless music streaming device unveiled by Exeter Science and Entertainment (ESE) making it possible for you to listen to your favorite tunes stored right in your smartphone or iPad while you still able to get busy doing your text messaging, reading, game playing or even if you want to busy doing your kitchen’s or paper works while listening to the music.

Interestingly, since CoolStream could be connected to your smartphone, whenever you have an incoming call to answer, the music will automatically pause and you could answer the call normally, without worrying about loud music at the background distracting your conversation, once the call ends, the music will resume automatically stream from the docking station.


Wireless, unique and easy to use accessories, if you think this CoolStream relevant to what you have been seeking all these while, don’t forget to check out the pricing and availability, right here!

Thanks Mark!

[ Source: Exeterse ]