A very slim, compact and of course portable solution for your smartphone whenever running out of power. Following cordless cell phone charger offer the a quarter inch of thickness with a dimension of 1/4 x 2 x 1/4-inches(WxHxD), weighing 1 oz.

This Cordless cell phone charger is slim enough for keeping it inside your wallet and fits well inside the credit card slot. For charging, you will need to have a micro US prot when traditional power sources are unavailable.


The lithium-ion battery is enough for extending a cell phone’s battery life up to 25 percent for emergency recharge by connecting it using a 1 1/2-inches long fold-out micro USB cord that should work well on most Android and Blackberry smartphones or traditional cell phones.

For recharging, you will need to connect the Cordless cell phone charger via the micro USB adapter up to two hours for full recharge. Available color selection including Black and Brown.

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