Today, we want to introduce you to three cute looking outdoor LED lights from 3W that come in cute bear shape, cute animal shape and cartoon figure shape.

The 3W LED Light in Cute Bear Shape is made of plastics, has a dimension of 28x28x33cm and a packaging size of 33 x 29.5 x 34.5cm, for indoor placement, consume a mere 3 Watts for the led light, operate at both 110-120V or 220-240V input voltage power source.

For charging, it uses lithium electric induction charging method, a full recharge will take about 4-5 hours,  while the changing led colors offer up to 10 different colors. After being fully recharged, this 3W Outdoor LED Light in Cute Bear Shape  could operate up to 8 hours long, and there is a remote control included.


The second LED light comes in cute animal shape, also made of plastics, with a product dimension of 27 x 27 x 35cm, packaging size 31×28.5×36.5cm, consume a mere 3 Watts and flexibility of input voltage same as the first one.

Charging method, charging time and operation time are basically the same with the above, using lithium electric induction, for 4-5 hours charging time will get the led light runs up to 8 hours long.


The third one from 3W is cartoon figure shape LED Light that should suit children bedroom or playroom, similar to above two, it is built using plastics materials, suitable for indoor placement, product size of 28x33x35cm, packaging size: 29x34x36.5cm, with same shipping weight with above two models of 2 kgs.

Interested to know about the price and availability? Check out below…

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