Consider selling your old magnet platter hard drives? Hold on a second! If you have ever store any of your crucial information including photos, bank account or credit card details, watch out for identity theft that might just extract your information out from your old hard drives.

In recent years, there have been more reported cases about identity or privacy theft, which happens to be data or information being extracted from those old hard drives some think that it is secure having it low-formatted prior resell them into the second-hand device market.

In order to prevent naughty hands from crawling into your privacy, here comes Data Killer, a device invented by company called Platform of Japan that claims to erase an entire hard drive in just a couple of seconds and reset the hard drive’s platters back to its original factory state. Data Killer itself works using a large powerful magnet for the ‘null-ing’ task and as well as resetting.

You should find this useful if you are a professional second-hand hard drives reseller that want to protect privacy of those selling their hard drives to you as well as avoid any unnecessary lawsuits against you in the future in case some of those unwanted photos of Mr. X or Mrs. X become available to the wide public due to low security of standard format these days.

Secondly, Data Killer is useful for large corporation’s IT department to re-use any old hard drives from one department to other division, this will prevent and protect any possibility leak of data between the internal staffs from different departments.


Moreover, it is easy to re-set and re-format those Terabytes hard drives in matter of seconds back to its factory original state as well as wipe clean any remainding data inside the hard drives.

With a push of button, Data Killer will wipe out data stored inside any magnetic media, including Floppy, tapes, HDD as well as those data inside ROM for laptop or mobile computer, but no wording if it is capable to re-set NAND Flash Memory module to factory state as well?

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