Alien egg? No, this is a sleek and glossy projector concept designed by David Riesenberg. It has the mysterious shape of an UFO flying soucer, yet it is designed to be a wireless projector capable to operate without any wire for 3 continuous hours on its internal Li-Ion battery…


The concept is named ‘OO‘ and is designed to be full-HD ready, capable to deliver wireless 1080p resolution, and will have its own SSD storage to keep all necessary multimedia files in a neat, safe place.




OO portable projector could play as a wireless streamer/display as well as a wireless media projector. It has three independently legs that will allow user to tilt for optimal positioning. The product concept will come with a touch screen remote control.

The OO Wireless Projector‘s casing is made out of a semi monocoque carbon fiber structure, making a sturdy frame for the electrical parts inside. Even though this is a portable projector, unlike Pico projector, users will still need a neat bag to carry this device around.

No further info on availability yet. Manufacturers that are interested to join David for more interesting concept could visit his page here.