You could use laser beam for various purposes, good or bad is all up to the users’ intention. The recent news about the LakeWood policemen is telling us about a new type of laser beam gun called “Dazer Laser”, and it is capable of temporary blinding and disorienting a criminal or suspect during a chase using its large modulating pool of green light.

This Dazer Laser is said to be the best option available throughout long history of finding the effective weapon that could help policemen to catch the criminals without risking their life.

“If you can impair their vision where they can’t effectively target or locate you, you’re controlling them, you have those couple seconds you need, which in law enforcement is a year,” said Ryan Battis, who demonstrates the weapons to police departments for Laser Energetics, Inc. of New Jersey.

And now the Dazer Laser Gun is a favorite pick for police across the Northwest as one safe alternative to tasers, which can cause burns, or pepper spray, which has to be deployed at close range. Dazer Laser is a perfect choice as a lethal laser weapon for military, homeland security or law enforcement.

No info on the pricing and availability, as it is still under development by laser energetics.

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