Have you get your Dyson DC26 Vacuum Cleaner yet? Anyway, following is ‘portable’ type of vacuum cleaner from Dyson seems to spoil pet owners with it stainless steel design, with a weight of 1.5kg.

The dimension of Dyson DC34 bagless portable vacuum cleaner is 32.2 x 11.5 x 20.4-cm (HxWxD), 0.35L capacity and requires 22.2Volt to run. Ideal for cleaning animals’ fur, quick pick ups and spot cleaning, Dyson DC34 lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner is designed using Root Cyclone technology that differentiate Dyson vacuum with the rest.

Instead of a bag tha can clog up, the centrifugal forces spins dust out of the air and into the bin, no more bag or clogging, and no loss of usction. This bagless feature also made DC34 hygienic and quick to empty.

Dyson DC34 has a dual power mode that offer you with the choice of up to 15 minutes usage with high constant suction (13 with motorhead tool for pet hair removal) or 6 minutes at maximum power, for more stubborn dirt lifting.


Inside this Dyson DC34 handheld unit, there is a powerful, light and small digital motor for efficient performance. The motorised brush bar utilizes powerful rotating bristles to gently agitate and lift dirt and pet hair from carpets, you won’t need to go over the areas twice.

The plastic parts is built using ABS polycarbonate, the same materials for crash helmets and riot shields.

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