Pioneer DDJ-ERGO is a music mixing device designed especially for music enthusiats that love to have mobile music mixing anywhere they go. The stylish lookign DDJ-ERGO’s controller board with two big 115mm round shape platters with led light are one feature that music mixer enthusiasts can’t afford to miss.

For each unit of Pioneer DDJ-ERGO, you will find the Atomix Productions’ Virtual DJ Limited Edition software that allow you to get creative about music mixing. You will be able to use the DDJ-ERGO along with your laptop for music mixing as well. Connecting DDJ-ERGO to your laptop is as easy as plugin the USB dongle to your laptop and the Pulse Feedback will instantly bridge the connectivity between the laptop and the DDJ-ERGO almost instantly.

There are various features on DDJ-ERGO, including Pulse Control that illuminates the different areas of the controller to ease the mixing process, Laptop Dock Design that accommodate the placement of a laptop computer below the unit to help save room and bring the screen closer to the user. Other features including MIDI compatibility, USB power, High Quality Audio and P-Lock Fader Cap locking mechanism feature that prevent the channel fader knobs and crossfader knob from slipping.


Comes with built-in audio interface for high quality sound input and output, Pioneer DDJ-ERGO is expected to arrive in U.S market November this year at USD699.

[ Source: Pioneer DJ ]