What is the next version of printer technology besides the inkjet and laser printers? Perhaps, Dell’s 1250c and 1350cn/w and 1355cn/w LED Printers would be the next possible the answer. Dell 1250c, 1350cn/w and 1355 cn/w are designed with mono and color printing capability.


1250c, 1350cn/w and 1355 cn/w are Dell’s 1000 series LED printers that designed with less maintenance drum and fuser, which in long run would be able to save you more money on servicing and repairing those printers.

Dell 1250c, is claimed to be the world’s smallest letter color LED printer. Dell 1250c LED printer is capable of printing up to 10 ppm while using 8% less energy compare to those laser printers.

Dell 1350cn/w, has WiFi for network connectivity, offering 11% less power consumptions.

Dell 1355cn/w, on the other hand, is categorized to be the world’s smallest 4-in-1 multi-function LED printer. Dell 1355cn/w capable to deliver 12ppm for color printing and also has WiFi that support network connectivity.

Difference between laser and LED printing technology?



  • Dell 1250c / 1250cnw = USD229.-
  • Dell 1350 cn/w = USD329.-
  • Dell 1355 cn/w = USD339.-
  • Dell 1355 cn/w with WiFi feature = USD449.-

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