Esprimo DH Series are new desktop PCs unveiled by Fujitsu. The Esprimo DH Series desktop PCs comes in two models of DH700/7A, powered by either Intel Core i7-860 or Core i3-540 CPU.


Fujitsu Esprimo DH Series Desktop PC also comes with 1TB of HDD, either 24-inch WUXGA monitor or 22-inch WSXGA, 1920×1200 pixel resolution, 4GB of RAM, DVD Super Multi and GeForce GT240 graphics chipset.

Fujitsu Esprimo DH Series DH700/7A – 24-inch WUXGA + Core i7-860 = JPY220,000.-
Fujitsu Esprimo DH Series HD700/7A – 22-inch WSXGA + Core i3-540 = JPY170,000.-

[ Source: Akihabara ; Fujitsu ]