Latest video about Apple’s high pixel density Retina display on the new iPad, adding roughly over 300 pixels per inch. Designed to allow users to stay informed, send a note, make points, make a memory, scheduling for appointment, read something, watch something and learn something.

You could The short 31-second ‘Do It All’ commercial video, that introduce the capabilities of new Retina display as high pixel density displays…


Now, this is interesting especially in the light that Microsoft has just announced its own Surface tablet today in Los Angeles that features a full HD resolution display. We can’t really gauge Microsoft’s newly-released Surface tablet for now. We’re currently doing a hands-on with the device, so stay tuned for it. As for the iPad, we cannot argue with the fact that it’s Retina display is one of the tablet’s strongest features and obvious advantage.

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[ Source: Ubergizmo ]